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Handheld All-in-One Network Tester for IT Experts

What is netMeter?

NEXTLab netMeter is a comprehensive solution for testing Ethernet, network conditions. It offers a range of features, including Throughput tests, various IP-based tests such as network packet capture and ping test, and more!

Whether you need to ensure that your network connection complies with Service Level Agreements (SLA) or need to collect all measured data, netMeter is a precision network measurement device designed to support you throughout your network tasks.

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What is nPerf Speed Test?

Utilizing nPerf’s Internet Speed Test, netMeter offers a versatile tool for assessing and optimizing network performance in various environments, including residential, commercial, and industrial settings ensuring accurate and reliable results.


Powered by nPerf, netMeter allows users to conduct reliable TCP Throughput Tests from anywhere in the world, leveraging over 3,000 nPerf Speed Test servers globally. Users can perform tests with a maximum throughput of 1Gbps in both directions, either automatically selecting the nearest server or manually choosing servers from a desired country/location.

What is iPerf3?

iPerf3 is a versatile open-source tool designed for measuring TCP and UDP network bandwidth performance. It enables users to conduct comprehensive network performance tests by generating traffic between two endpoints, typically a client and a server. With iPerf3, users can assess various network parameters such as throughput, packet loss, and latency, providing valuable insights into network performance.

Supports and Modes

netMeter supports iPerf3 and offers both Client and Server modes. In Client mode, netMeter connects to iPerf3-compatible servers to conduct Network Throughput Tests, while in Server mode, it provides Network Throughput Tests to all iPerf3-compatible clients.

To use netMeter as iPerf server, you need devices capable of running iPerf3 as client. This means if you have two netMeter devices, you can use one as Server and the other as Client, performing end-to-end Network Throughput Test.

Currently, the netMeter Closed Beta Test Version supports UDP only and is limited to single-device usage. To use netMeter as iPerf server, you need devices capable of running iPerf3 as client.

What is TWAMP?

TWAMP, or Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol(RFC 5357), is utilized for network performance testing, particularly in assessing latency, packet loss, and jitter in real-time applications such as VoIP and video streaming.

Supports and Modes

netMeter supports sender mode and responder mode for TWAMP Light.

In Sender mode, it provides TWAMP tests to all responders satisfying RFC 5357 TWAMP Light specifications, while in Responder mode, it connects to senders.
By running two netMeter devices in Sender and Responder modes, end-to-end TWAMP tests can be conducted. Of course, you can also use netMeter by setting it to one mode through other TWAMP-capable devices (such as computers or lab tablets).

* Currently, the netMeter Closed Beta Test Version supports TWAMP Light mode (UDP) only and is limited to single-device usage.

What is Packet Capture?

Packet capture enables network administrators to monitor and analyze network traffic in real-time, facilitating troubleshooting, security analysis, and performance optimization.


Through mirroring, netMeter collects bidirectional packets exchanged between the network and the connected physical device. These collected network packets are stored in PCAP files and can be saved to netMeter Cloud.

Specification: file size limited to 100MiB.

IR Control

During Packet Capturing, you can access the IR Blaster feature by clicking on the IR Control Panel below. Ensure to manage IR Profiles in Settings before initiating IR operations.

What is a Ping Test?

A Ping Test is a test that measures the time it takes for a data packet to be transmitted between computers and the corresponding response time, used to determine network connectivity and latency. If the host fails to receive a response, it indicates either a lack of connectivity or packet loss.


netMeter supports the emulation of network packet characteristics sent to the physical device. This includes the ability to emulate delay, loss, and bandwidth, with the flexibility to apply multiple metrics simultaneously.

What is Traceroute?

Traceroute is a network diagnostic tool used to trace the route taken by data packets from a source to a destination, providing insights into the network path, round-trip time to each router, and potential points of delay or failure.

Supports and Modes

netMeter incorporates the widely used traceroute functionality, enabling users to trace network paths and visualize routes to destinations. Traceroute typically provides information such as IP addresses of each router along the path to the destination, round-trip time (RTT) to each router, amount of delay occurring at each step in the network, and detailed information about the path to the destination and its reach-ability.

What is Network Emulation?

Network emulation refers to the process of replicating the characteristics of network packets transmitted to the physical device connected to netMeter. It enables the simulation of delay, loss, and bandwidth, facilitating the testing and optimization of network performance.


netMeter supports the emulation of network packet characteristics sent to the physical device. This includes the ability to emulate delay, loss, and bandwidth, with the flexibility to apply multiple metrics simultaneously.

What is IPTV streaming Test?

IPTV Streaming Test involves evaluating the quality of MPEG2TS over RTP-based IPTV services by measuring metrics like IGMP Join Delay and Media Delivery Index. It is utilized for endpoint QoS validation across telecommunications, hospitality, and other industries reliant on IPTV services.


netMeter facilitates the assessment of Quality of Service (QoS) for IPTV services transmitted via MPEG2TS over RTP, enabling users to register and join multiple multicast channels. During testing, it measures crucial metrics like IGMP Join Delay, ETSI TR 101 290 1st Priority, and Media Delivery Index (RFC 4445) to gauge the performance and reliability of the broadcast streams.

Ensure to manage IPTV Profile in Settings before initiating IPTV Streaming Test.

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How it Works

Cloud-Natvie Platform

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Whenever, Wherever

For internet speed test, you will be connected to the nearest nPerf Server. nPerf has 3,000 servers globally for internet speed test.

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OTA Update

OTA(Over-the-Air) updates enables to receive seamless, wireless updates, ensuring quick bug fixes and enhanced security for improved user experience.

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Cloud Service

All collected data are available using cloud service. Collect and manage every testing data for your future business opportunities.

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Use Cases

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Using netmeter at filed test cases
Meeting SLA standards

Field engineers can confidently say 'good to go' after a quick check of on-site real data.

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Now you can set up anywhere, anytime you want. With only one device, you can do essential tests for your network.

Using netmeter at server test cases
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You can even set up at your company's server room. Verify internal network quality.

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Real Voices

We were searching for a solution that would be optimized for our company, and NEXTLab did a wonderful job of customizing it to our requests. For LG U+, one of the KPIs for customer service quality management is whether failure issues occur repeatedly. We successfully reduced the repetitive failure rate by 50% after using NEXTLab’s solutions.

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Ye-won Choi
Manager of Service Quality Innovation

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Frequently Asked

Everything you need to know about the product and solution. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please contact us.

If you want have questions regarding the Closed Beta Test, please click here to see more details.

How do I check my data?

All measurement records are stored on our server, and you can view them in the App. Click on 'History' menu at the top right of the App, and you will see the detailed records for each function and date. You can also export the data.
Why is it important to comply SLA?
If you are a regular user, not having the service guarantee SLA means you can claim your rights. Because service providers must ensure your service to meet the SLA standards.If you are a service provider, complying with SLA can prevent complaints in advance. It can also reduce the number of service calls for issues related to SLA.
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Can I get a quote for my company?
Of course. Send an inquiry email to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Let us know what you need.
Is customized available for my team?
Certainly. All possibilities are open. We can discuss integrating data into your servers or additional features that your team may need.


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